21 -April -2018 - 02:35

Mega Uploads UK is a website created for the mass's. This website holds the very best links to the movies, music, apps, games and more that you love. How Mega Uploads works is by members providing links to the latest movies and more available online to watch, listen and play. The more links a member provides that of quality and often used, the higher the status of that member becomes, eventually becoming a trusting mega uploader where users and other members can subscribe.

File sharing is caring, that is our motto here, only links can be found on this website but these links are of high quality to the locations of the very best the web has to offer. Mega Uploads is built for the people and used by the people, so get involved and participate today, become a trusted linker and feature on the website. Please help spread the word that we are back, shout it from Facebook, Twitter and everywhere you can.

Mega Uploads.co.uk enables users to share their links on other platforms such as Facebook to, this will help the member receive more points and achieve mega uploader status.

Want to watch the latest movies? Want that latest album in the charts? Or maybe you want to play some games and get apps for your mobile or laptop, wither way you have come to the right place, start sharing today and enjoy this completely free website.

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